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Sunburned Hand of the Man - Acid-X

Originally Released in 2008 on Ed Hardiman's label, Tape Drift, on cassette in a one-time edition of 100 copies. Artwork by Sarah O'Shea.

Recorded October 25, 2007 in Saarlouis, Germany.
John Moloney - Electronics & Drums
Sarah O'Shea - Electronics & Vocals
Ron Schneiderman - Guitar & Electronics
Robert Thomas - Bass & Electronics
Gozzy - Wheels / Map

Mathieu Duval's "My Record Collection" says:

If things go on this way, I'm afraid Sunburned will be releasing their albums exclusively on tape! Acid-X is a live concert performed back in October 2007 in Germany. The sound quality is above average (even better than some of the loft material!) and finds the band in a heavily drug-enhanced mood. The music on the album just oozes and drips with psylocibin-tinged noises and electro-clinks and clunks. Like legendary german hippy collective Amon Düül were they recording themselves during a particularly nasty bad LSD trip, Acid-X can sometimes show it's darker side. At one point in the song, when some initially amusing laughs suddenly turn into blood curdling screams that sound like M.I.A. being attacked by a pack of man-eating tigers, I swear I almost shit my pants. When not bent on freaking the living crap out of you, Acid-X can be a pretty trippy experience. The latter half of the album (mostly side B) is particularly kick ass and cool.


released January 1, 2008



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