Earth Do Eagles Do

by Sunburned Hand of the Man



from Mathieu Duval's 'My Record Collection' website
'Interesting to note that an album like this, with such loud and clear references to american politics and culture, is actually a live recording from Finland (even the paper sleeve for the CD includes a crude drawing of the finnish flag, in stark contrast to the album's artwork). This album finds the sunburned bunch in deep fried, greasy rock'n'roll mode. Like a mutated cross between Motörhead and the Butthole Surfers, you can almost picture the band playing live in this sleazy highway truck stop brawl'n'grill to some toothless refrigerator-sized beardoes and wannabe cowboys. Of course, a Sunburned album wouldn't be a Sunburned album without it's fair share of pure, untamed weirdness and this can be heard on the crispy, lightly breaded Gateway Circle, the rich and buttery Rejected or the chocolaty goodness of Zorp ("I'll have a Zorp please!"). Finger licking good stuff as always. Grab a bucket of 20 before these are long gone!'


released June 1, 2007

Earth Do Eagles Do - Manhand 45 - 2007
This is an editied board recording from Sunburned's second time playing in Tampere, Finland at a show with Circle in the summer of 2006. Its the same day that Sunburned and Circle collaborated on a recording that became the Sunburned Circle LP. We were on tour and we were well-oiled. The amazing Mick Flower of Vibracathedral Orchestra was with us on playing lead guitar. A really nice trip...
drums, bass - Phil Franklin
lead guitar - Michael Flower
sax, electronics - MJK
drums, vocals - John Moloney
lead guitar - Ron Schneiderman
bass, vocals, keys - Robert Thomas

Mathieu references the cover being a political and cultural statement but the fact of the matter is that Moloney came up with the cover by cutting up and collaging a membership flyer from the now closed-down Eagle's Nest / Men's Club / Fraternal Order in Northampton first and then Rob made a great edit of that Tampere show and we just put the 2 pieces together.



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