Hoof Trip / Plague Pipe

by Sunburned Hand of the Man



From Mathieu Duval's "My Record Collection" website:

"It took me five years to finally get a copy of this 7". Not having a turntable back then, vinyl releases became less of a priority for me and 7"s actually felt like a waste of time. But of course, I wouldn't be a Sunburned completist if I didn't include this one now would I? So after a fucked up transaction through Ecstatic Yod, I asked for a copy. As was expected, there's some pretty nifty Sunburned music on it. A-side's Hoof Trip would make a great alternate soundtrack to Alejandro Jodorowsky's El Topo (imagine this track during the emperor's dressing ritual scene!); clattering percussion, weird buzzing analog synths (I think) and wind chimes make this one a very hippy-like experience. Plague Pipe, on the other hand, sounds like some pretty standard early Sunburned material. It's as good as anything that made me fall in love with the band in the first place, but their sound would soon expand to new horizons and it was time to move along."


released October 10, 2003

Plague Pipe / Hoof Trip
Released in the UK on Riot Season in 2003 in and edition of 1000.
Side 1 recorded at The Loft - Charlestown, Ma. Side 2 recorded at the NNCK Hint House after hours.
Artwork and design by MJK.



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