The Secret in Disguise

by Sunburned Hand of the Man



some very kind words from Mathieu Duval's 'My Record Collection" website....

Here it is! My absolute favorite Sunburned Hand Of The Man record, the only one I regularly listen to. This one is so joyfully fucked up that I never get tired of it. The music here is of the most psychedelic, brain-melting kind, like a shamanist experience in the amazonian jungles with body paint, peyote and lots of smoke and wild animals. There is plenty of delay, and colorful vocals throughout. When I listen to Index Of Heat, I actually feel like I am exploring the thoughts of a schizophrenic individual (or are those scary voices coming from inside my head?). This track is without a doubt the highlight of the album, but most of the record is in the same vein (and flows like one long, continuous track). There is no other album by the band that sounds remotely like this and it's so far out into deep space that I doubt they ever will peak like this again. It's just that good!


released March 1, 2004

The Secret in Disguise - Manhand (Finga) 13 - 2004
This was recorded one night in September 2003 at the Sunburned Loft in Charlestown, Massachusetts. That was avery busy time for the band, The Wire magazine with Sunburned on the cover had just come out and we were in full-on prep mode for our first tour to the UK / Europe in October 2003. It was a lively time.

SID was self-released by the band with glass-mastered cds, phil franklin screen-printed cardstock sleeves with Joshua Burkett's hand-drawn Sunburned logo on the front. Rob Thomas's artwork on the inside cover and a photo of Furrface (Paul Labrecque) during a situation in Alaska, on the back.

Even after listening to this for the first time in years, i can't figure out who plays what and there are no liner notes beyond the tiny insert. we'll take that as a good sign..we hope you will too.



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