Weekend at Burnie's

by Sunburned Hand of the Man



From Mathieu Duval's "My Record Collection" website:

"Understandably expecting more of the same mind-fuckery found on the Weekend At Burnie's 2 LP, I was pleasantly surprised to hear this short 7" outing was much tighter than it's sister release. The whole A-side's is filled with the amazing Smokescreen, a slow jam driven by a funky bassline, irritating background feedback and the occasional burst of Tourette syndrome inspired poetry. If this would have been the only song on the 7", I would still recommend it, but fear not, there's plenty more goodies. The B-side holds mostly short little sound snippets which are either bizarre jam excerpts or Zample-like sound atrocities. No matter how fucked up though (and believe me, some songs will drag you down into Sunburned's creepy schizophrenic world), there's still a nice flow to these tracks which I couldn't find on the LP. No clue how limited this is and for some reason, the Manhand catalog number is the same as their Civil Complaint cassette!"


released November 11, 2008

Weekend at Burnie's
Manhand 56 / No-Fi 005
7" - 2008

Sunburned Loft recordings circa 2004-2005.
artwork by Sarah O'Shea



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