Sunburned / Bill Nace Split Tape

by Sunburned Hand of the Man



Sunburned / Bill Nace - 2008 Tour Split Tape
Edition of 50 - No Label

J-Card art silscreened by Bill Nace.
This is only the Sunurned side. Bill Nace's side of the tape is not on this bandcamp release.

From Mathieu Duval's 'My Record Collection' website:
'Yikes! This is some of the weirdest, trippiest Sunburned material in quite some time. I mean, they've always been trippy in some way, but this is actually like being in a drug-infused daze. The ambient synth washes and shimmering atmosphere on the Sunburned side feel like a delusional trek across the desert; as we advance, our mind begins to wander while the increasing hunger induces hallucinations of the most schizophrenic kind. This is some of the most whacked Sunburned music not to fall into their usual noisy tendencies, like some early Klaus Schulze on PCP. Love it! The Bill Nace side is much noisier and definitely completely warped. Like alien signals overloading it's receptors, the sound becomes so intense at times it feels as if the speakers could fry up and explode at any given moment. All three tracks alternate between short peaceful moments and harsh noise; feedback and reverb are always a good combination...'


released January 1, 2008


all rights reserved



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